Northeast Missouri Unmet Needs (NEMO)

Background Information

The Northeast Missouri Unmet Needs Committee (NEMO Unmet Needs Committee) is modeled after the successful Unmet Needs Committee of the 1993 Flood, and the Samaritan Well Committee, following the Lewis County tornadoes of 2003, the local flooding in 2008, and the March 20, 2013 storm in Marion County.

The Mission and Goals of the Partnership are below:

Mission Statement

To assist residents of Northeast Missouri in long term disaster recovery through education, resources, financial assistance and advocacy, coordinating and enhancing all disaster response organizations including but not limited to: FEMA, American Red Cross, Church World Services, Salvation Army, and state and local government entities.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Personalize the delivery of social services to include follow-up when needed and to provide a recovery plan to diminish the need for further assistance. i.e. Individual and family counseling, life skills, and budget counseling.
  2. Share information (with signed release) that enhances each individual agency's ability to serve the client while avoiding duplication of services and/or abuse.
  3. Direct public and private funding and resources in a focused manner.
  4. Advocate on the client's behalf when necessary.
  5. Provide a partnership to respond to the funding available from private dollars, government programs, and faith-based organizations.
  6. Interface with the local government
  7. Utilize available public funds before using private dollars.
  8. Distinguish between needs versus wants.
  9. Comply with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and with all other federal, state, and local laws that safeguard civil rights.
  10. Emphatically protect the confidentiality of all clients.