Ms. Huseman’s 4th grade class at Eugene Field Elementary is part of an international peace process. They are participating with classes in Russia and Spain in a truly global conversation about peace. They share peace messages with students from these different countries composing their own thoughts and sharing these messages on dove shaped paper. The content of a message will contain thoughts about “what peace means to me,” information about where and how they live, symbols of their country, their traditions and culture. Looking at the poster pictured above you can see that the students are creative and enjoy the sharing, the learning about others, even sharing class pictures. The display is outside their classroom where the messages from their international friends can be enjoyed by everyone. The theory of ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ states that all the people can be connected by just 6 steps. This 4th grade class at Eugene Field shows that thoughts on peace can be shared all over the world in just two. For additional information concerning this project search and click on Doves for Peace. Here is a thought: when was the last time you received mail from a friend in Aban Krasnoyarsk, Territory, Russia.