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About Us


To increase the capacity of people to care for one another.

“About Us”
The United Way has a long and rich history of helping the people of northeast Missouri. The first campaign took place in 1939 with an enthusiastic goal of $17,000. Mr. E.D.V. Dickey chaired that first success and proudly presented the proceeds to the YMCA, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and several other worthy organizations. In those days, the organization was known as the “Community Chest” or “Red Feather Drive”.

By the late 1950s, the organization affiliated with the United Way of America and continued to grow and establish a solid presence. Prominent business leaders stepped forward gathering forces from other volunteers interested in their community’s future. Each success was celebrated, critiqued, and fine tuned for future campaigns.

The mid 1980s were a period of change and growth. It was evident the human needs and services were not confined to the city limits of Hannibal. Human service programs were being established in nearby communities and struggling to meet the needs of their constituents. With a change of name and by-laws, the United Way of the Mark Twain Area began addressing the needs of Marion, Ralls, Monroe and Lewis counties. Not only did the United Way broaden its funding base, just as important it broadened its fundraising base.

Now solidly into the new century, the United Way of the Mark Twain Area is not content to simply revel in its history. The United Way is excited and challenged to look to the future, expand on success, listen to ideas, collaborate with others and be open to all the possibilities that the future may hold.